In 1905, Javal’s last book was published at the prestigious ‹ Bibliothèque Scientifique Internationale ›. This book was entitled ‹ Physiology of reading and writing, followed by practical deductions relative to hygiene, writing appraisals and progress in typography, cartography, writing in relief for the blind, etc›. He elaborated an amazing typeface specimen, which was cut by Charles Dreyfuss on his recommendations. This specimen was made for 2 and 1 point. It is rather surprising that this work, of a striking modernity and efficiency. His method was to emphasize the differences between each letter, and to simplify as much as possible the character shapes. He wasn’t totally satisfied by these specimens, and concluded at the end of his book that the result itself could be improved.


My work has been greatly influenced by the relevance of Javal’s thoughts and method. His scientific rigour – of an unfailing positivism –, coupled with a uninitiated point of view on typeface design is very precious.